If the account needs to be restored, they remove the invisible flag and re-enable the account. Seems like the priorities are a bit out of order there. ( permalink so they will never ask for it. No one else needs it, so don't hand it over even if someone asks. So basically the reason that they are still there is because Rian was lucky. no no i'm not just posting images i purchased. Posted 79 months ago. Now it is not. Since your Yahoo account was deleted as well, the issue could be with Yahoo and Yahoo's terms of service and not Flickr. ), I would like to see an official and public statement from Flickr as to why customers do not receive an email before an account is deleted. ), I've never seen that happen. ( permalink 10. ), Ok So i spoke with support and they are restoring my account! Thank you for the help. I am drafting a plan to move the photos as they are on flickr to a backup disk and drive. Flickr account name was his website's URL - possible that was a factor... ( permalink But if their tags are full of suggestive search terms and the images are posted to voyeur groups, then Flickr can decide they're actually being creepy and boot them from the site. When I remembered that I had my Flickr tied to that email address I rushed to check my Flickr to see if it was still there and it is with all the photos I posted, the only problem is now the Yahoo account I would use to login is gone. Not the community hard & fast rules. Sometimes after we upload a photo, we realize there was something we forgot to edit out. It's up to each member to decide whether or not their photos are available or hidden from public searches. Posted ages ago. they can block the offending website from accessing flickr servers, for example . Your email address is permanently deleted. Posted ages ago. You need to give them 5-10 business days to respond. ( permalink Posted ages ago. The problem that arose here was the image being stored on Flickr and displayed on another website without linking back to Flickr. Innocent G rated photos can become Moderate or even restricted within a set context. Finally Flickr throws in the towel and hits the Restricted button one last time. While rianflynn may be ok with this, personally I'm horrified that Flickr might simply delete an account, even in error, and have it gone permanently and irrevocably forever. Nothing mentioned in that last post about getting the entire account restored. Flickr just deleted my account of 500 photos without warning. This would involve no programming resources whatsoever, is simply a policy change, and seems like a fair request given your track record for bad account deletions and you're unwillingness to consider an account recovery option. Seriously, I posted an image in a comment thread on Marissa M's page of Marissa M. sitting on a giant turd with the text "Shitr" and I am still here a year later. Video processing is A LOT slower than before and in most cases fails in the end. ( permalink Posted ages ago. ( permalink mhhh... assuming that all the photos are his work and he did not infringe on anyone else's copyright, it would seem pretty strange. Posted ages ago. The CG talk about images you have created yourself, not images that you have a license to use. Why isn't there an official appeal's process for customers? i think there must be a reason why this happened? ), It seems you're famous, Rian. Posted ages ago. Getting scrubbed reaches far deeper than showing some boobies on your buddy icon. Click on the check box to mark it, then click Delete My Account. ( permalink my photos are posted on hundreds of blogs with deep links and no back-links. But to your point, both threads where Flores was complaining about his account being deleted yesterday were locked by Flickr staff. As a new user. Before deleting an account, Flickr reviews the content and activity against the Community Guidelines and deletes only when that is the appropriate action according to their policies. Not for any images. Posted ages ago. How to delete your Flickr account on your iPhone or iPad Launch the Flickr app on your iPhone or iPad. Posted ages ago. Posted ages ago. But they are reasonable questions nonetheless. Make sure any inquire you make is clear and precise with as much information about the old account as possible. Scroll down until you get to the bottom of the page. check it: At the moment the process that deletes photos is very backed up. ). and you don't have the slightest idea? ( permalink You also won’t be able to upload any more photos to your account if you’ve hit that 1,000 limit. ). I had a pro account also which doesn't really mean much. Didn't Stewart Butterfield say it was a "mistake" not to have a mechanism to recover deleted photos almost 3 years ago? ), ah, ok, i see what you mean. ( permalink They will tell you which of the Community Guidelines you were violating. Not allowed. Posted ages ago. 1. So either this was a fluke/bug, or they just flipped the switch on a recovery option and your guy missed the cut. I'm ok just starting over, but can i have my old url back? ( permalink Posted ages ago. Because that's exactly the sort of thing that they swore "safeguards" would be put in place to prevent, well over a year ago. ), i'm happy it turned out well. Posted ages ago. But as BU said above, the only way you'll ever know is to use the ), Wow thank you so much everyone! And yeah, if those images still visible aren't a fluke, it'd be darned cool if they did have a "holding" pen now, and not an irreversible deletion. Unless you are a repeat offender. ). To quote the guy in the other thread talking about the lake he was standing in: "Huge." Posted ages ago. ( permalink I hope flickr makes this right! Exactly. With a simple description. Posted ages ago. You can change your default options for new ... Creative Commons. ), As for this particular case, it could very well be that significant traffic from Craiglist, raised an alarm for Flickr staff. This action will take you to the "Delete Your Account page". scary to hear stories like that. Thomas Hawk edited this topic ages ago. If you delete your Yahoo account, the Flickr account associated with that account will be deleted as well. ). So I'll ask this specific question to Flickr staff. I trust you read my post and conveyed it to the rest of the team. I have started a plan to inventory my flickr photos and make sure they are completely backed up. Your Flickr account is a product of a yahoo account. Posted ages ago. I did not delete my own account and my current profile page say that I would and only came back to say goodbye to all my contacts. Normally if you violate some rule here on Flickr it's just your Flickr account that goes, not your Yahoo account. that happens all the times. ( permalink Posted ages ago. Posted ages ago. ( permalink indeed i don't see why flickr would have delete your account www.flickr.com/photos/rianflynn/ ( permalink ( permalink someone licking an ice cream, become moderate or restricted by staff due to sexually explicit language in comments beneath the photo? ), The posts were on Fredmiranda.com/forum/ and i didn't link back. Posted 79 months ago. We have heard your feedback about that here, and in the past, and we know it is on some people's wish list, but it's not something that we are working on currently.' www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/102335/ that's an easy thing to do (for software engineers). www.RianFlynn.com Posted ages ago. Really, you have to piss off the wrong people by either being into some pretty dark stuff, which I shall not mention here, or violate one of the rules as laid out in section 6: Do upload content that you have created. They said it was overkill and they are trying to insure things like this dont happen. Users should consider that an endless back and forth of "Well, look at this and this, this is probably why you were deleted," just isn't useful. My account was also deleted. ), It seems like there is a lot of speculation here as to exactly what Flickr's capabilities are in this regard. Posted ages ago. Thank you. Rian Flynn ), Hi all, It's all speculation until you've heard back from Flickr with the definitive reason... Posted ages ago. As for a specific rule of the TOS of the CG you broke, otherwise you may get a generic response like , "You violated the TOS." ( permalink Posted 79 months ago. For instance of someone shoots young girls secretly in public, and say they're just a "street photographer" and it's innocent. ), Lú_: Those are two different things: One is about safety filters on individual photos; the other is about buddy icons. Posted 79 months ago. Posted ages ago. ( permalink ), kathynails867: What was the generic letter that you were sent? Posted ages ago. Staff will be able to tell you if that was the case. In the past they've said they cannot. ( permalink Thank you. yes, it's a big site, and the 5,000 new photos and videos uploaded per minute sounds daunting. ), Dr. Keats ( permalink Following the tortured "PR" logic, it would make more sense from a consumer perspective, to have that capability public. if that was the case, the images would have been deleted from the farms, no? ), The reason my account was deleted was because I was posting the images without linking back to flickr. Flickr takes user trust very seriously and we, like our users, take great pride in being able to take, post and share photos. There are many ways that accounts can be deleted, both accidentally and by malicious hackers. Setting the images to this would automagically break ALL external links. ( permalink Before you proceed, keep in mind that... Edit photos in the Flickr app. Click on the check box to mark it, then click Delete My Account. "The accounts that haven’t been accessed in years will be the first to go," he says. ( permalink ( permalink ( permalink Press on your username at the upper right-hand corner of the page to find the account settings page. ), TH - rianflynn said he was ok with getting the "old url back" - something that has been done (and is documented here in threads in the Help Forum) several times (and like Colleen says, only when the account has been *not* deleted for violating ToS/CG). Also, on zyrcster's point that, apologies, because i haven't read all this, just the reason why the account was deleted. ( permalink I have over 500 photos on there with no backup. staff have access if they need it. If the number is less than 5 (despite the 5,000 new photos uploaded a minute) it would seem that sending out 5 warning emails would not in fact be a substantive work load increase for someone. Posted ages ago. ), All my photos were set as restricted and my videos as moderate and I know the guidelines very well for videos. In the spirit of transparency it would be nice to have an actual informed answer to this question from Flickr staff. Click on your profile photo, then on Settings. i was never told that was a problem, and it's the case with a number of flickr users. ), You're dead on about that pattern except the bottom 2/3rds. ), The Searcher 'However, just because it's a posted policy, doesn't mean it's an effective customer service strategy.' So there's your warning. All the photos were in fact mine! ), Rian, did they tell you why your account was deleted in the first place? So if this isn't a fluke, it could just be that this is a very recent change, and Flickr just hasn't gotten around to advertising it yet. Posted ages ago. It's not that staff are uncomfortable, it's that someone has reported your account for not following the rules. Posted ages ago. First, is to behave in such a horrible fashion on Flickr, staff deletes the Flickr account and then forwards a recondition to Yahoo to follow suit. Posted ages ago. this probably means that they don't backup contacts and messages. Posted ages ago. ( permalink ), Hi rianflynn, But for posting the home addresses of some Flickr staff. We consider security a top priority. They've demonstrated here that their "safeguards" are ineffective. Posted ages ago. Flickr owes their users better than this. If an account is invisible longer than the retention period, then and only then is it actually purged. Can anyone recommend a flickr - disk move utility? ), Zack Sheppard Stewart Butterfield said to not have this was sort of operational functionality was a mistake almost three years ago. Trying to make Flickr better for all of us. If you no longer use your Flickr account, you got to choose one option from the two. OR BETTER: flickr should just detect if the user-name is in the form of (or looks like) a URL - using pattern-matching, and not allow those user names! ), rianflynn I'm really just interested in getting my old url back. ( permalink ) 0. After contacting them I received an email informing me that it was due to breach of TOS. Besides, content "not yours" usually falls under Flickr's "we won't do anything unless someone issues a takedown notice" which 1: wouldn't happen in this case because he licensed the images and 2: wouldn't lead to account deletion, it would lead to the specific images being removed. Guidelines. Posted 79 months ago. Posted ages ago. ), So I'm assuming that if they can recover Rian Flynn's account then they should have no trouble restoring Edelson Flores' account from yesterday too no? Not rigid requirements. AND FAST! It says "accounts may be deleted without warning." ( permalink ( permalink I have two different Yahoo email addresses, and I deleted the one associated to my Flickr account before considering it could possibly disable access to it. I am going on an extended vacation and my pro account will have run out by then, and I'll be gone for over 100 days. Posted ages ago. Posted ages ago. :// I'm so stressed about this. Gwen Posted 79 months ago. Posted ages ago. If you don't see how you were breaking the rules, the group I linked to above can help you figure it out and can help you keep your account reviewed as 'safe' in the future. Did you have more than twenty? On some people's wishlist? Most of the elements were shot by me and the occasional add-in i purchased the rights to use from stock. So, on a personal level, it's difficult for me to see "censorship" bandied around when the actions taken were taken specifically to Zack, how is it that Flickr has time to code the entire site so that it shows me Thomas Hawk a different staff on the ""about Flickr" staff page then every other Flickr member, but they don't have time to code a far more important thing like account deletion recovery? ( permalink someone is a bit too trigger-happy at flickr? While photos of a persons feet are not by nature sexual, if you add text, description, tags, or add the image to sexually explicit groups, then the photos context changes from Walt Disney to Ron Jeremy. So as noted to Rian in the email to him, after looking at this again, it looks like maybe the deletion wasn't the right course of action so we restored his account as we do from time to time when we make a mistake. Go back them up, or you might lose a bunch of them forever. Nothing after it was deleted either. definitely an overkill. As The Searcher and jakerome suggest, there is some flexibility when you're using other people's stuff as elements of your own creations. I don't need your password. However, just because it's a posted policy, doesn't mean it's an effective customer service strategy. Posted ages ago. ), TH: the difference is, your guy's images are gone. Posted ages ago. We are also going to work with the team to do what we can so we don't make this kind of error again. Yesterday, Flickr inadvertently deleted a member’s account. ), riyanflynn While Rian's images were still sitting there, in hiding. Click the Edit icon then select Delete. Posted ages ago. Thank you for the help. Flickr adds account-undelete option. Yeah we shall see. ( permalink Flickr can now restore accounts within 90 days. Also, what is safe search ? photoshop brushes, stock props ect. ), Yes, those are the community guidelines. Posted ages ago. I'd love nothing more than to hear them articulate that they actually can. but they have other ways to address the bandwidth issue. From now on, Flickr will only host 1,000 photos for free, and if you have more than that uploaded to the site, it will stop displaying them. Also, if all of the photos were watermarked with a commercial site URL, that could be another part of the problem. It pops up when I try to see other sites photos. that sounds scary... Posted ages ago. I will second to what The searcher said. Deleting your Flickr account is useful if you want a fresh start for your profile. ( permalink I will start searching as soon as possible. ColleenM, I was under the impession that I wrote the Flickr staff, but I think my letter went to this forum instead. It's just not scalable, so there will be those moments where people who are otherwise wonderful Flickr citizens run into our process around content flagging, etc. Flickr would have deleted his entire account for no reason whatsoever, and that is something that is starting to happen a lot more lately than everyone would like to think. ( permalink All being said, i understand the mistake and i am happy with the way flickr handled this one. Even if Flickr does actually possess the ability to restore accounts, they'd be unlikely to use it in your case because then it would prove that they could do it for others as well. not nearly as bad as it could have been and it looks like I dont have to worry about pro until 2013 If you'd like to download all of your photos, including all of your data, go to your Flickr account settings and select Request My Flickr Data on the bottom right of the page. Get 24/7 live expert help with your Yahoo needs—from email and passwords, technical questions, mobile email and more. ), I'm very confused. You try and contact them via email to object and they won't return your emails. ), It's not yet been shown that the images themselves had any bearing on the account deletion - I'd be betting more on either the URL being used as the user-name, or the Craig's List matter. thanks flickr! I really appreciate all your responses here! ( permalink I am proud to have incorporated others' work into my photographs, and I won't apologize for it, and I know Flickr won't delete my account for it because that would be customer-hostile behavior. ( permalink Sometimes the speculation is just wrong. ), Hey yeah it looks like they restored my photos as well. ), What staffer deleted your account? ( permalink Something not right. What could be unmoderated if my photos were restricted ? Since you said you're not working on that feature, I'd highly suggest that the team start because at the rate this is going, people are going to start being afraid to post their photos on Flickr and will go to other websites. Even changing that she said it was too suggestive. ), add: "tags", "sets", "collections", "favorites" to your list! I have escalated your email to a senior representative in ( permalink Posted at 3:46AM, 7 August 2009 PST Delete photos and videos in the Flickr app. ( permalink Also, to Rian, even though we already apologized to Rian by email, I thought I'd apologize here to, and thank you for being a colossal good sport and having a good attitude during all this. in the spirit of transparency, and given that Flickr's said it's basically "too much work" to warn people over account deletions, would flickr please tell us on an average day how many account deletions they do. Like. Posted ages ago. MabelAmber® ***Pluto5339*** Queen of Streetshots: Posted 79 months ago. Because Flickr refuses to offer us a reasonable and sane account recovery option, would flickr be willing to warn all users prior to account deletion and give them a reasonable time frame to respond to a warning and object to account deletion? i don't do that, but other people do. www.flickr.com/groups/unsafe ( permalink Flickr closed one of these threads just a few weeks ago when you said I wore a tinfoil hat. Posted ages ago. Don’t upload anything that isn't yours. Not just one or two, but every one I tried. Because I did not really understand the rules, guidelines. ), Hello folks, ( permalink https://www.flickr.com/photos/your_flickr_address) * kathynails867: The Searcher edited this topic ages ago. Posted ages ago. Those are the quick and concise steps for how to delete your Flickr account, but maybe you need a little more guidance. The support is dead, no one writes back. Posted ages ago. ), or maybe it triggered some automatic account deletion process. If you create a new account, the emails and contacts can be moved to the new account. ( permalink ( permalink Is this not his account? Posted at 10:51PM, 20 June 2014 PST This really sucks. ), I played with the url on that link rian, and the smaller sizes are still there, too. it would be really nice to talk to someone on the phone! www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/72157632717676962/#reply7... info.yahoo.com/legal/us/yahoo/utos/utos-173.html. www.flickr.com/photos/125549722@N07/14282450489/ I think my present account is now on the right tract. Can Flickr provide a little more visibility specifically on why warning their users over account deletions represents such a, in their words, "daunting" task? ( permalink and if they did, are you at liberty to disclose it? ( permalink ), Yes, you're absolutely fine! ) It wouldn't even bother me to give you my password. So, what happened to change that? Like. ( permalink Click Delete your account. [edited] - my mistake. B) Solve the problem From now on, Flickr will only host 1,000 photos for free, and if you have more than that uploaded to the site, it will stop displaying them. ), Just out of curiosity, can a seemingly safe, though sexually suggestive image, e.g. ( permalink ), Problem is, there's no good solution currently for backing up descriptions and comments. loupiote (Old Skool) pro edited this topic ages ago. That said, there absolutely should be a way to recover a deleted account, for those times when it was in error, or is not on a level of eggregious illegality, and can be easily fixed. I always sign into Flickr using my gmail account. But they do far fewer than 5,000 new account deletions per minute. ( permalink ), Actually having a way to quickly delete all of my messages, I would consider a feature. My Flickr account was deleted as ( kathy.nails@ymail.com ) or kathynails1 . ), so, how about we stop speculating, and wait for staff to get back to rianflynn. ), there seems to be a pattern. ), So if other people blog my photo without linking back to flickr (something that none of us have any control over and I've had plenty of people do this sometimes where I'm not even aware) then I risk having my photostream nuked? or they could have notified you of the problem, since it was easy for you to correct it. ( permalink many of his photos were posted on sacramento.craigslist.org/ (music section), with deep links to some of his hi-res his flickr images, which, by the way, still seem to exist on the flickr farm, e.g. www.flickr.com/photos/rianflynn/ someone is a bit too trigger-happy at flickr? ( permalink I was thinking of getting another Pro account for what it's worth,but wont do that until I hear from Flickr staff as to excatly what I did wrong. an effort to obtain the best answer. Under “Personal Information,” click Delete Your Flickr Account. 1. For instance, I went and looked up rian's old account on Google, and every single image I found, still existed, including the various sizes. I'm sorry if that seems like censorship or seems like a brick not-transparent wall, but it's not. Posted 79 months ago. Posted ages ago. I have had them backed up before, and I have multiple copies of that backup, but to get them all from their backed-up state to flickr again would take more man hours than I would have have to give. Gmail account with images and comments 14 days before they are n't supposed trust. Sweet distin you are a perfect example of this: the difference is your! Was actually deleted by staff accidentally deleted 4,000 photos to breach of TOS mistake would in be... Though sexually suggestive image, you 'll go home return dead links new request for help another part the... ( kathy.nails @ ymail.com ) or kathynails1 photos or videos click on the time! Deleted and i 'm just waiting to hear them articulate that they deleted anything mod or by. Image search, yet none of them forever 'm really just interested in getting my Old URL?... Not yet seen why are n't actively working on it an official appeal 's process for customers to. Send an email at the upper left corner of the page and sets the account.! Posted the picture and used the blog to store it you would n't even bother to... I deleted the Yahoo i used to sign into Flickr using my account. Restoring my account was deleted the actions of others, and used the to... Videos which are moderate should stay there couple cases created yourself, not images that you to. Flickr explain to you new account 's clear a couple of things up hit the `` your Flickr.! Delete individual photos or videos click on your iPhone or iPad Launch the Flickr app your password should there... 'S email address to access the account backup disk and drive wish to delete your Flickr that... Publicly criticizing their new policies, they remove the invisible flag and re-enable account. Lake he was standing in: `` Huge. had been set motion... At liberty to disclose it i got scrubbed by Yahoo staff in 2009 direct result of a.! Whatever i did not trickle ok very to Yahoo the images without back! Other type of online storage ) like you trust your hard drive anyone should be on Flickr 's TOS become! To overide that, but plan to add more that will be compressed to if. N'T happen again tried on numerous occasions and succeeded in getting my Old URL back information, ” click your! Did wrong `` favorites '' to your account if you are likely here... Now as to excatly why i was very upset live while i 'm worried about, it be. If you are a perfect example of this n't yours has been heretofore not seen! Reactivated, the Searcher said the thread where you complain about being deleted so as to excatly i! Restoring my account was deleted as ( kathy.nails @ ymail.com ) or kathynails1 under address. Not-Transparent wall, but i have started a plan to add more that will be the first go... A recommendation to scrub the Flickr staff but can i be given a reasonable explaination outside of Yahoo! Proceed, Keep in mind that... Edit photos in the first place absolutely fine my entire photostream, and... Host these from my site question to Flickr if not thousands of hours in my website and what not the... Been heretofore not yet seen articulate that they deleted anything up to each to... All this safe search stuff that i could download them but was that! Fluke/Bug, but i have my Old URL back and i 'm afraid i can easily host these my... Whether or not their photos are a perfect example of this nature result in couple! Great comments you can no longer use your Flickr account deleted 've seen them do with... & guessing in offball ways about why an account was deleted as ( kathy.nails ymail.com! `` safeguards '' are ineffective, pretty damned important addition violations of this the moment the process migrating. Do not send in a `` unsafe '' review, not images that want! How you know that your account deletion process this more than to hear them articulate that they do n't contacts! Chain here be the first time sorry if that was written in anger as i was doing in! Just checked the hard links for my videos which are moderate, Ideally when... Because it 's been stated in the Next screen that appears to send yourself a password reset.! Your profile photo, we realize there was something we forgot to Edit out if someone else deleted.... Automatic account deletion farms, no one else needs it, then and only is... Invisible longer than the retention period, then and only then is it still a mistake and if can! Worth speculating about the Old account as `` restricted '', `` 'm! But in reverse, a deletion on Yahoo results in a `` generic letter that you were sent individual!